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I’d really like to able to sew properly (to date I have just been following pattern instructions and learning from books and youtube) so have been looking into doing some classes. I found a shirt making course near me over a weekend which I thought would be ideal until I looked at the price, £340.00 non residential PLUS materials. I thought that was rather a lot and would result in by far the most expensive shirt I have ever or would ever own. So I thought I would dedicate this weekend to really trying hard to make a proper shirt with buttons and a collar and some design detail.

I came across V8689 which has the above plus flat fell seams, lots of topstitching and custom fit options.

It looked quite complicated so I bought a relatively inexpensive patterned cotton from Fabricland in Bristol in case it all went horribly wrong.

So many pattern pieces !! Just the front has 8 pieces with 5 more for the back and that doesn’t include the collar.

I tried really hard to follow the instructions to the letter and not read ahead which is a great fault of mine and I was quite satisfied that I had done the best I could do at the end of the first afternoon. I then put the garment on my dress form and burst into hysterical laughter….


I had used the flat fell seam from the front yoke as the centre point for the sleeve insertion rather than the shoulder seam….silly me !

So this morning’s first task was unpicking and redoing.

Th rest of the shirt came together well and I was especially pleased with the exact matching I got at the bottoms of the front bands.


The shirt fits nicely and the only real regret I have is in the fabric choice which is far to busy to show off the panelling detail in the front and back.

I will definitely make this again but in a plainer fabric.

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4 Responses to Vogue 8689

  1. To learn how to sew you need patience and perseverance. It helps to have a sense of humor as you do here. That is possible by using an inexpensive fabric or muslin in the early learning stages.

    Yes, I agree that course is expensive but there really is an investment factor in formal training. You do get so much from it and the interactions with a proficient instructor really provide challenges and growth. Perhaps you can save some money gradually and at some future date find a course that fits within your budget. In the meantime, take all the time you need to make very real and noticeable progress.

    I like the print and the buttons. They match very well.


  2. Katy says:

    I would love to take proper sewing courses one day too, but just teaching myself from books and Internet in the meantime has been so rewarding. And I cracked up at that sleeve – well done 😆


  3. I think we have all done a sleeve like that, or something similar. If you’re still laughing you are doing fine! Your shirt turned out well! I signed up for Craftsy courses. Check them out on the Internet. There are many to choose from and if you wait for the sales they are quite reasonable!


  4. Do you have a local community college which has a sewing course? That may be a less expensive, and more varied, way of learning – and you get to learn from what others are doing too. Failing that the Craftsy classes are pretty good (and often on sale – wait before investing heavily).
    Your shirt looks good, and provided you are happy with the fit you can make this again in a more expensive fabric and be confident doing so. Keep sewing – it gets easier, honest!


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