A week of NQTs

Not Quite Theres . You know, those things that just don’t turn out quite how you expected or are a bit unsatisfactory in some way ?

It all started with the Barrie boy leg pants from Kitschy coo I made two pairs in a lovely  grey and white jersey from a newly found relatively local sewing shop. I was very pleased with the fit and finish of them and they are really comfy so I decided to make more. I bought some floral jersey that I loved from Ditto Fabrics while I was in Brighton for the marathon weekend and made up another pair to exactly the same pattern but this pair don’t fit,


well they do but with nowhere near as much coverage as the grey and white ones. I can only put this down to the floral jersey being more of a two way stretch while the grey and white is four way. I think they will be relegated to nightwear which is a shame because I really like the colours. Disappointing, but lesson learned for future Barries.

I have got several pieces of fabrics left over from projects which I am trying to use up. I have been using an old Colette Patterns Sorbetto top pdf which doesn’t use much fabric but makes a nice top. One that I have made recently is this striped linen version which I edged with red bias tape


but the more I looked at it the more I disliked the red tape. After several days of eyeing it balefully I decided there was no option but to remove the bias trimming and replace it with reversed white so you can’t see the binding at all. I feel much happier about it now. (and I have since pressed it properly so the neckline lies flat)

IMG_4036 3

The final NQT item is a pair of culottes that I had intended to make for the Monthly Stitch May Inspiration challenge. My inspirational item was this Celestial Beauty dress  which I picked in a fit of marathon enthusiasm having watched Brighton and been fascinated by UK astronaut Tim Peake doing his marathon in space.

I don’t want to go into space myself so decided to try and source some fabric with a spirit of adventure but a bit nearer to home and came up with this which I got from ebay

IMG_3994                     IMG_3995

I especially like the way the circle theme echoed the Celestial Beauty dress and decided to make an ‘adventure garment’ that I could cycle in. I decided to make the Frill Culottes from Happy Homemade :Sew chic book by Yoshiko Tsukiori. Now I have made some items from this book before so knew what to expect but was a bit flummoxed by the fact that the four pattern pieces required had NO markings on at all so when it said ‘sew the front yokes together at centre seam’ and there was no indication as to which seam might be the centre seam there was a bit of head scratching. I think I worked it out in the end but really didn’t like the frill element around the yoke when it was done. I unpicked it and just did a gather instead which I prefer. However I don’t really like the finished garment.


I can’t put my finger on it but something isn’t quite right. Maybe a fixed waistband would help ? On the bright side they are great for modestly riding a bike in !


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  1. Kim Hood says:

    Sometimes you get spells when nothing seems to go right. Press on – things will get better.


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