Bethioua – The one with the ‘feature sleeve’

So,The Monthly Stitch is gearing up for IPM, Indie pattern month, and they have put a list of Indie pattern makers on their site. As I have never heard of a lot of them I have spent far too much time in the last couple of weeks happily nosing through their sites.

Last week I came across this Bethioua top from Elle Puls. I have been looking for a design for a sweatshirt like this for AGES so I downloaded it in English and just HAD to make it straight away. The only problem being I didn’t really have any suitable fabric in my stash and it was a Sunday and there are no fabric shops near me that are open on Sunday (No fabric shops near me at all in fact !!) But aha ! I DID have a suitable fabric a 1.1m remnant….the pattern requires 1.4m if being made in a single fabric.

I folded the fabric this way and that, I jiggled the pattern pieces about, but no, definitely not enough fabric until OH suggested MAKING enough fabric. So that is what I did. I decided that I could in fact make one of the sleeves from three different offcuts from the main cutting.

So I sat down at the sewing table and just ran through the list of pattern pieces and…..what’s that….? Cuffs ? a neckband ? I went back to the pdf…no cuffs, no neckband included in the pattern pieces. I had hardly any fabric left due to the shenanigans with the sleeve ! Going back to the beginning of the instructions there is a table, like a table of measurements (which is why I had totally overlooked them) with the dimensions for making the cuffs and neckband pieces but they don’t appear as pattern pieces on the pdf nor is there any mention of them there either which is extremely confusing. Anyway I gathered my remaining scrapettes of fabric and managed to make a 3 piece neckband and some very narrow cuffs. All pieces present although not necessarily correct.

I realised that I would never be able to disguise the piecing of the sleeve so decided to make a feature of it in the spirt of Wabi Sabi .To make my 3 piece sleeve I overlocked two pieces together and the sewed the resulting seam flat.



I have no idea whether this is a legitimate technique but I think it looks ok. The rest of the garment was really easy to sew and I had it finished in just over an hour. It fits nicely and I love the dropped hem at the back.

That sleeve looks like a deliberate design feature doesn’t it ? No one will ever know….I will definitely be making this again using the different coloured sleeves as suggested by the pattern drawing, but next time I will be careful to select my fabrics in advance, in the correct lengths, and I will remember that although the cuffs and neckband don’t appear on the pdf pattern they still need to be accounted for.

I love my new sweatshirt !

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  1. Well the piecing looks like it belongs there! It’s a designer original!


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