The Monthly Stitch Paper Pattern Swap

I decided to take part in The Monthly Stitch’s pattern swap and having dutifully sent off patterns to my nominated swap partners I eagerly waited to see what I would be sent in turn. I received a package containing this lovely card and this pattern.IMG_4273                 IMG_4095

I never would have selected this pattern for myself just because it looks so pink but on further consideration it’s a nice slouchy style, I love the inseam pockets and yes, it is the sort of garment I would wear (if it wasn’t pink..)

I had never made up a Shnittchen pattern before, I had never made a shawl collar before and I had never made an item of outerwear before so lots of challenges to look forward to.

The fabric I chose is a quite heavyweight woolly fabric and, wanting to do my best by my swap partner I rather rashly decided to line the Coatigan as well, for which I chose a lightweight ponte roma jersey. The first decision was which side of the fabric to use for the exterior as it’s not obvious which is the right side. I personally prefer the tapestry side but was persuaded to have the fluffy side out.

IMG_4097         IMG_4098

I cut out all the pieces and then got down to the pattern instructions which contain NO DIAGRAMS OR PICTURES just writing. The pattern states that there is a video tutorial for the garment but it is certainly not visible on the Schnittchen website. I have discovered during the making of this garment that I don’t do well with just words. I need diagrams to understand what I am doing and even trusty youtube didn’t help much (more later)

I took a lot of time to make sure that I had accurate pattern matching on the front and back pieces. And with the back especially you can hardly see the join.IMG_4176

The outer shell went together nicely up until instruction 16 and I was feeling quite good about the project.


Shortly after this point it was possible to finish the garment and just have it unlined but as I was feeling optimistic I ploughed on until I got to instruction 22


This is the main instruction for attaching the lining to the outer, I have never done this before and I struggled to understand this for two whole days . Is it just me or is this an origami instruction ? There is no mention anywhere of sewing anything, just folding and pinning. I watched many youtube videos for lining garments, I read articles about lining garments, but was still not sure whether I was supposed to be doing a free lining or a bag lining. In the end I went for a bag lining but I’m not at all sure I have done it correctly.

Next came attaching the sleeve lining, I ended up with THIS twice


This once


Before finally realising that I had to do this


and arriving at this


I’m sure a picture would have made it so much easier to understand……I would challenge the assertion that this pattern with no tutorial and no pictures is suitable for a beginner in it’s lined form

Anyway the garment is finished now and once I have got over the trauma of the picture less pattern and the weather gets colder I will enjoy wearing the garment. I have learnt a HUGE amount in the process and am pleased with the outcome although the pockets are pulling down a bit and I’m not sure what to do about that.



It’s now mid January and I am happy to say that this garment is getting A LOT of wear, I’ve also mainly forgotten the trauma with the lining so all’s well that ends well !


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  1. Kim Hood says:

    It looks great, and bagging out a lining is confusing – it took a while for me to grasp the concept – but once you have it sussed you will be glad you can do it.


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