Bethioua madness

After my ‘creative’ efforts with the feature sleeve I knew I had to have another go at the Bethioua top   pattern and in fact I have made four more. One was in the same fabric as the original (when I went back to the shop where I had purchased my original remnant they had another whole roll !) for my daughter which is not shown here.

Firstly, the lobster top. I wanted to make a sea themed garment to wear to the Falmouth sea shanty festival next week and although I’m not generally a big fan of adults wearing children’s prints I just couldn’t help myself when it came to this lobster print. From My Fabrics


I teamed it with a plain navy organic jersey from the same source and gave the sleeves a very small hem.


I’m not sure whether it looks a bit pyjama’ey but it makes me smile so I’ll be wearing it later in the week for sure.

Last Saturday we had a colleague’s evening wedding party to go to, outdoors, and I didn’t have a thing to wear ! What could I make quickly with stuff I already had ? I’m not a big dresser-upper so had the genius idea to make a ‘going out’ sweatshirt top.

I found some gold flecked black ponte roma jersey and gold lace ( both from Truro Fabrics) that I had used a few years ago to make a Moneta. There wasn’t quite enough of the jersey so I had to cut the back in two pieces, hence the lace stripe down the back. I lined the bottom of the sleeves rather than put a cuff on them in order to give a cleaner line which I think has worked well. The weight of the body kept me nice and warm and the gold lace gave a touch of glamour so I was happy with the outcome. ( I didn’t wear jeans to the ‘do’ btw !)

IMG_4330                IMG_4333

Finally, I made a fourth Bethioua and this time there are no alterations or changes at all, most noticeably the full cuff as specified in the pattern.

IMG_4327             IMG_4328

I’m pleased with all the garments and just love this pattern. Now I know how it all goes together it takes less than an hour from cut out fabric to finished garment, how fantastic is that ?


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  1. I like them all! What a very useful pattern.


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