Morgan Boyfriend Jeans

The last week I’ve been mainly making ‘security pockets’ for 7 pairs of my daughters shorts so that she can go partying in Europe without carrying a bag. Apparently these shorts are in very high demand and she had to lend them to all her friends,

who knew ?IMG_4908

Anyway, once she had gone to her ‘party island’ I had a bit of ‘me sew’ time. I’ve always been very intimidated by the thought of making jeans, but I feel I’ve progressed a huge deal ability wise this year and thought that now was the time to make a first attempt.

I did quite a bit of research before settling on the Morgan Boyfriend Jeans  from Backstitch which seemed to be more the style of jeans that I usually wear.

As I had no idea at all how this was going to turn out I bought the cheapest denim I could find which I eventually got from eBay, it was heavier than I had anticipated and I foolishly ignored the pattern instructions and washed the denim first in the hopes that that would soften it up a bit ,it didn’t, but the washing has left paler lines on the fabric which I slightly regret.

I decided to cut a straight 14 as my size is between the 12 and 14 and I thought better too big than too small.

I bought some proper topstitching thread and the buttons and rivets also from eBay.

The first instruction involves topstitching the pockets which seemed to go well until I looked at the wrong side.

I could have left it like this as the right side looked fine but I couldn’t bear the thought of the messy underside even though it would be hidden. After quite a lot of fiddling about the solution seemed to be massively increasing the top thread tension to give a much better wrong side result.


As I only have the one sewing machine is was a bit tedious to keep changing the threads AND remembering to adjust the machine tension as what was right for the topstitching thread was very wrong for my normal thread, but I got the hang of it after a while.

The instructions were pretty clear, although I did have a ‘moment’ in the pocket construction as I was a bit bewildered by the facing wrong side being inside the pocket but that’s what the instructions said so that’s what I did.


The fly front was remarkably unscary and went together well.


I then had to try on the jeans. They had a good fit in the leg but there was a lot of gapping on the waist at the back which I rectified by inserting two darts in the back yoke. I also took them in a bit down the outsides to allow for give during wear.

After the main construction came the excitement of attaching the rivets. Having purloined my rivet insertion kit from OH’s sanctum I was ready to begin.



I discovered that the rivets needed to be hit from the wrong side otherwise they got a bit dented.

I didn’t have and couldn’t source a small leather patch for the waistband so I made a patch of my own from the facing fabric I had used.


Even the inside seams are neat.


And then I was finished. I have actually ended up with wearable pair of jeans !

I’d like to try this again with a better quality, softer denim but for now I’m more than happy with what were intended to be my practice jeans.

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  1. Kim Hood says:

    They look great. Well done!


  2. Sara-Lu says:

    They turned out amazing! Anyone who can make their own jeans is my hero. Great work!


  3. Nice job! Your topstitching turned out fine.


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