Vogue 8689 take 3

I am the organiser for our local horticultural society’s autumn show this year. I have fulfilled this role before and like to wear a garment appropriate to the occasion.

Previously I have worn my Liberty sweatshirt and floral Colette Clover trousers

IMG_3930                      IMG_4024

But as I’ve worn them before I decided to make a new floral garment. I found this orange, very flowery, lightweight cotton on the remnant table at C+H in Winchester which would be perfect for another go at V8689. Having made two of the short sleeved long length versions already I thought I’d go for the shorter length long sleeved version this time.

It too me quite a long time just to decide which thread to use for the project


but in the end I decided to go for the raspberry colour. When I’ve made this pattern in the past the panels have never really been visible so I hoped the darker thread would make them stand out more and I think I’ve succeeded with that. I didn’t flat fell the seams as per the instructions but sewed the seams and then did two rows of topstitching quite close together on each seam, again to try and emphasise the panels.



I know the pattern works and fits me so I didn’t need to make any adjustments but the cuff construction was completely new to me. I’m not 100% certain I got it right but it looks ok.


This time I got the sleeve placement correct first time. I definitely learnt my lesson from the first time I made this pattern and got it spectacularly wrong !


I had purchased some lovely orange buttons to finish off the project, but on Sunday, when I was at the button stage I realised that I only had seven and I actually needed ten. I couldn’t possibly have waited until Monday to go back to the shop where I bought them so ended up going to a local garden centre which has a small haberdashery department. Of course they didn’t have any matching orange buttons so I have ended up with these cherry coloured ones. I think they look fine and actually the contrast looks better than my original plan.


All in all I’m happy with that…..




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  1. Naomi says:

    What utterly delightful fabric!


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