Thread Theory Comox Trunks

I wanted to make something for OH and as he thinks its hilarious that I wear homemade pants I decided to make him some of his own.

I bought The Comox Trunks kit from Thread Theory and made a pair of trunks.


The bamboo fabric supplied with the kit is lovely and soft and quite stretchy. I made a size 36 according to OH’s measurements but the finished garment was a bit too big so I had to take off the waistband, reduce it and reapply. I was moderately happy with the result but the gapping at the cup is annoying (it isn’t evident once they are on but I know it’s there !)

There is 60 cm of fabric supplied with the kit and there was enough fabric left over to make myself a lovely pair of Barries so now we have matching his n hers underwear.


Then OH said that if I made another pair not to worry with the cup opening as he’s an ‘over the topper’. I knew I could improve on the first effort so set off to source some similar fabric to the Thread Theory kit. I found this lovely heathered 7% spandex t-shirt fabric at ray stitch  and bought 3 different colours. I also got some soft grey coloured elastic which I will use for all three colours of fabric.

The first fabric I have used is the ‘lime’ which is more of a soft yellow. I have done all the stitching in grey to match the elastic which I think works well.



I much prefer the look of the closed cup option which was clearly explained in the Thread Theory sew along although it doesn’t appear in the written instructions.


This time I made a size smaller and they fit really well although my model is too shy to appear in public !


I bought 50cm of each colour of fabric which is not QUITE enough to squeeze out a pair of Barries as well so these have a waistband made of a previous project…


Whilst these might not be the world’s sexiest undergarments they ARE extremely comfortable. Comfort over style all the way !




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