Merchant and Mills Ellis Dress

Apart from the Merchant and Mills official picture on pinterest I can’t find any information or reviews on this pattern, nothing on WordPress, nothing on pinterest, nothing on Instagram, maybe I’m not doing the right searches…or has no-one made this pattern up ? I am about to start making this for the first of my weekly makes for MMMay 2017 and am a bit worried about this dearth of information…..

The fabric I have chosen is a mini seersucker from Stof and Still in red and orage

Anyway, cutting out….I have cut a 14 for the top but have had to narrow the width of the skirt due to the width of the fabric, but as the skirt is so full I didn’t think it would matter. I also chose to make the Ellis dress with the Hattie pockets as illustrated on the pattern sleeve.

The first bit to make is a rouleau loop for the back button IMG_6501           IMG_6502

Followed by the facing for the top


Then it’s onto the darts for the front. I LOVE this detail, four neck darts and two sort of french darts.


Then I sort of got carried away and before I knew it the dress was finished ! the only problem I came up against was the pocket placement. On the pattern pieces there are four points marked for the Hattie pocket (which was the one I used as I think the inseam pockets for the Ellis make the dress look too plain) which makes you think the pocket is designed to sit within those four markings on the front skirt piece but on the pattern instruction the pocket is clearly shown as going across the seam between front and back skirt pieces. I finally worked out that two of the pattern markings are for the front and the other two are for the back but it is not clear which ones are which so I just approximated the position from the pattern instructions


I really love all those front darts !


Back view.


Rouleau loop and covered button.


The finished dress. Now, where did the sun go….?

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  1. So very cute! I haven’t seen makes of this pattern (I would have remembered those adorable pockets) so maybe people are filing it under a different name?


  2. Naomi says:

    The bodice is beautiful. I love those darts!


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