Schnittchen Catrin no2

I have made a Catrin before for daughter no3 and she liked it so much she asked for another one.

Now on the pattern envelope the picture of the finished garment looks like this


A very baggy oversized sweatshirt with a loose hem.

When I made this before in a size 38, which was correct according to measurements the bottom band was so tight no3 couldn’t even get the garment on and I had to remove the band and make a new one one size up. Its still a tight fit at the hip and nowhere near as loose as this picture.

With this in mind I again cut a size 38 but with a hem band for size 44.

The fabric request was for something tropical but eventually a cactus print from stoff and stil was chosen.


The oversized width of the body comes from side panels which are incorporated into the sleeve seam, you can just see them here




Now I don’t know about you but on the pattern envelope I can only conclude that the model is very tiny and is wearing the largest possible version of this garment because even with the  very enlarged hem band it is STILL not as loose as the one pictured. Although no3 is smaller than I am and this will be baggier on her it’s still not going to look quite like the picture. You have been warned…..

PS You would never know I have got a son who is a professional photographer, he certainly didn’t get his talent from his father ‘scuse the drainpipe……….maybe one day he’ll come home and take my photos for me !

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2 Responses to Schnittchen Catrin no2

  1. I like it – thanks for the warning on the waist band. It would never fit me! I only asked my husband to take photos once – then I bought a tripod!

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  2. Kim says:

    Pattern pictures that don’t actually demonstrate what you will get sewing your actual size should be outlawed – it’s so unfair to spend time sewing a garment that has no possibility of looking like the picture. I’m glad you were able to make the top work eventually.
    I’m with Linda. It’s pointless asking my husband to take photos for me 😀


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