Festival Pockets (tutorial – sort of)

So the festival season is upon us once more and as last year daughter no 3 has given me a pile of shorts to ‘pocketise’. The point of festival pockets is that you can take your phone and a little bit of money without taking a bag and without putting your. phone in your bra where it can easily fall out if you’re dancing, apparently.

So, darling daughter who should be doing this for herself !…here’s how to do it…

Get a bit of fabric with some stretch in it, I have used a stretch mesh. Put your phone on the fabric and draw round it leaving an approx 2cm margin around the edge.  Cut out around this margin.This is piece 1. Put your phone back on the fabric and draw round it again making a 2cm margin at the sides and bottom and a 5cm margin at the top. Cut out around the margin. This is piece 2. You should now have two rectangles of fabric the same width but one longer than the other.

Turn over the tops of each piece of fabric approx .5cm,. wrong sides together and stitch down

IMG_7667       IMG_7668

The take the larger piece 2 and fold this stitched edge over right sides together a further 4cm but do not stitch down.IMG_7670

Next, take the smaller piece of fabric and place it on top so the right sides of both pieces are together, but leave a gap of .5cm between the top of the piece 2 and piece 1


Now sew the two pieces together, down one side, along the bottom and up the other side leaving the top open. Maybe do some reinforcing stitches at the tops of the sides.

Now turn the piece inside out (right way round) through the top and Lo ! a pocket !


Next sew the pocket along the top (utilising the .5cm free fabric between the top of piece 1 and the fold of piece 2) to the waistband stitching of your shorts. Be careful not to try and stitch over any rivets in the garment. A few wonky stitches don’t matter.


…and it will be invisible from the front…


Party on…!


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  1. Hmm … live and learn! I never knew of such a thing and it’s a great idea! Thanks for the idea!


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