Patchwork progress…

In February OH and I booked a long weekend in Cornwall for the summer, one of the objectives being for me to stop off for a visit to Truro Fabrics. I saved up for the visit and was pleased to get to the till with my haul, just inside my budget I hoped.


Some maroon loop backed sweat shirting, some random print jersey for a Lady Skater dress, spotty denim, grey double voile cheesecloth, oatmeal jersey, some GORGEOUS heavyweight checked linen and some bits and bobs. Just then OH returned from being outside, presumably to tell me hurry up and said he would pay for the lot. Thank you very much !!

In previous posts I have been using up scraps making a patchwork bedcover, according to the pattern I had finished making it as it is an unquilted item, but I have had a couple of comments to say it will look lovely when its finished (what do you mean it will look lovely when its finished !? It IS finished)

Anyway I have just been on a one day patchwork course at the local adult education centre and as part of that there was a brief demonstration of ‘free motion quilting’ which I had never heard of before. The instructor said that only way to be able to do it was to practice a lot and showed us some essential patchwork feet for sewing machines.

Having not spent my intended fabric budget I rather rashly invested in a free motion foot for my machine and realising that people might be thinking my bedcover is not finished because its not quilted I started to practice on that. This is definitely a case of ‘ignorance is bliss’. My very random bed cover is now in the process of becoming a quilting sampler, but oh my word its such fun.

I have realised that I am completely insane for starting to practice this new skill on such a huge item and the work is really very physical but incredibly involving. It doesn’t matter at all to me that its all wonky and am enjoying the process immensely.

Here are some of my quilting experiments

IMG_7875   IMG_7878

IMG_7880   IMG_7882  IMG_7902   IMG_7896

IMG_7898  IMG_7899


Its going to take ages to do the whole cover, by which time my I hope technique might have improved a bit.


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2 Responses to Patchwork progress…

  1. Kim says:

    That looks both terrifying and a lot of fun 😃.

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  2. mumokio says:

    It is terrifying because once you’ve started a section you can’t stop until its finished. How the professionals do a whole quilt in one go I don’t know.


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