The best laid plans….

I usually have one day a week on which I am able to sew and I guard that day jealously, trying very hard not to let other tasks eat into my ‘me’ time. However over the last month I have had to give up ‘my’ day on 4 consecutive weeks due to things cropping up that I have HAD to do and where sewing was not a legitimate excuse to back out. I have been trying to do the odd half hour here and there but its not the same as having an uninterrupted sewfest.

This week I have managed to regain control over my life and was really quite excitedly looking forward to a whole uninterrupted day with my sewing machine and Radio 4. I had cut out a new and ambitious coat project, threaded up my overlocker and sewing machine and was all ready to go.

Then OH said he was taking the day off to stay at home and wait for TV repair man, this was not good news because much as I love OH it’s very difficult not to be distracted when he is at home. Firstly he can’t stand having the radio on in the study and my sewing space is a corner of the study…secondly I am expected to take a break in the middle of the day for lunch…thirdly, whatever he wants to do is automatically more important and urgent than anything I am doing. I was quite firm and said I had been looking forward to a whole sewing day and that while I was prepared to concede to having the radio off I was NOT going to be lured into any alternative plans, so we had a deal.

After an hour of happy sewing I had to change the needle on the machine to do some topstitching. Gaaaah…! It turned out that the needle holder was broken due to a stripped thread and I couldn’t get any needle to stay in the machine. That was the end of my carefully planned sewing day.

The straw that broke the camel’s back, 4″ topstitching..


The upside is that this is apparently a known problem and as I had uncharacteristically had the foresight to take out an extended warranty it will be fixed at no charge.

I quickly made an alternative plan and tidied up my sewing corner. I also got two new projects cut out and ready to go which should keep me out of mischief for the next few weeks.

Sadly, despite having been notified that TV repair man would arrive in the morning he didn’t turn up until 7.45 pm ! So OH has completely needlessly used up a day of holiday, and it turns out the TV is unrepairable….

Ho hum. Next week is another week…

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5 Responses to The best laid plans….

  1. JaneyB says:

    How frustrating! I hate it when a precious sewing day goes awry like that. Hope the sewing machine is soon mended and you can get on with the projects you’ve cut out.


  2. Kim says:

    Aargh! Frustrations all round. I hope your machine is repaired quickly.
    (As an aside I totally understand your comments about having the OH disrupt the day due to their needs/wants being more important than yours. Mine is retired now and I’m really struggling to do the sewing I want to without it being in instalments!)


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