Great Granny’s Skirt

When I first met OH way back in 1980 I also met his grandmother Gladys, who, as we became parents became known simply as Great Granny. She was born in 1900 so was elderly even when I first met her although she was very lively, loved a half pint of bitter and had to have her bicycle confiscated when she insisted on cycling to the shops via the route she had always used even though the road had become an extremely busy dual carriageway. She always wore carefully matched ensembles which invariably included a perfectly colour coordinated hat. When she finally had to go into sheltered accommodation in 1996 my father-in-law gave me a cardboard box of ‘stuff’ from her house clearance that he thought might be of interest to me. Having several very young children at the time I put the box to one side and didn’t really pay it much attention and it was only several years later that I investigated and found some of her school books and sewing practice pieces.


Buttonhole practice, pin tucking, hand smocking, drawn thread work…They don’t make many teenagers do homework like this now !



Anyway to get to the point, there was also a bit of fabric in the box, 93 cms ( 1yard !) of blanket weight wool, camel coloured with a check pattern. I’ve known it was there for ages but today I decided to actually USE it. With such a small piece of fabric I decided to make a little straight skirt.


I’ve used this pattern before and like the yoke waistband and the fact that there is a nice little pleat at the back and a side zip. (None of which is immediately obvious from the pattern envelope)

I tried quite hard to match the checks when I was cutting out but didn’t factor in the curves of the waistband and sideseams of which more later.


The checks match up quite well between the skirt front and the yoke.


..but not so well on the back as I had forgotten to take the back darts into account.


This is the nice back pleat and I have also fully lined the skirt.

IMG_E8541         IMG_E8540

Its turned out really nicely and I think Great Granny would have been happy that the fabric has been put to good use.

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  1. JaneyB says:

    I love this post! How wonderful to have those little samples and designs and to have made a skirt for yourself in that fabric. My grandmother was also called Gladys!

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  2. Kim says:

    Excellent use of such a precious, though small, piece of fabric.

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