Christmas Jumpers

This week I have been forging ahead with my Christmas gifts and making jumpers for Christmas gifts.

The first one is a Schnittchen patterns Catrin which I have made twice before and with which I have really struggled to get the loose fit shown on the pattern sleeve. However forewarned is forearmed and this time I made the hem band REALLY big and hoorah ! I have now got it looking just like the pattern picture. If anyone else wants to give this a go you need to make the hem band pattern piece at least 8cm longer than whatever size you are making. I am making a size 36 and had to make a band longer than that for a size 44.

Anyway as it is supposed to be a Christmas surprise here it is on my dress form


The cute doggie fabric is from Stoff and Stil

The second one I’ve made is a Bethouia from Elle Puls this is a pattern I’ve used 5 times before so I am really familiar with it and it takes less than an hour to make. This one is in gorgeously vibrant mustard wool boucle from Stone Fabrics unfortunately the picture doesn’t really do this fabric justice as its much brighter in real life


and then, as I had the pattern out I made myself a Bethiouia too. This time I altered the neck to make it warmer


The fabric is a toasty quilted sweatshirting also from Stone Fabrics and I have been wearing this one a LOT. That’s 7 Bethiouias so far and I have one more to make for my boss…better be extra careful with that one…


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