Swoon patterns India boho bag

I have a box where I keep leftover fabric pieces which are smaller than 1m length but too big to throw away and it’s full. The patchwork bedcover I made earlier in the year gave me a temporary respite but the scraps are fighting back ! I need to find something to do with them so as a test I decided to have a go at the Swoon patterns India Boho bag. The pattern comes in two sizes, large and small and I decided to make the small one with a corduroy outer lined with linen. It’s a straightforward make with the only complication being two pocket zips. I used two 5in zips instead of the 7in ones specified, only because I had lots left from an eBay purchase a while ago.

This is the bag I had intended to make but actually I prefer the reverse side

So this is the way round I’m using it. I didn’t expect the bag to be fully reversible but it is. I’ll do this one again..

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  1. Kim says:

    Very good use of scrap!


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