V8499 and my new gadget

This week I decided on a whim to sew V8499. I have been really interested in this pattern for ages but have never bitten the bullet to sew it up because it’s not the sort of thing I would normally wear. This week has been rather stressful for a variety of reasons and I needed to sew. I had a bit of fabric left over from my Tello jacket and fancied a bit more topstitching as there’s nothing like concentrating on it for making you forget whatever else is going on so I bit the bullet with V8499.


I went for view C as that would use up all my remaining fabric. There are described as very loose fitting and my goodness yes they are although I think with the flat front they don’t look as bulky as they could. After a happy day of topstitching I had the pair of trousers finished apart from the hems. They were SO wide though and I decided to gather the bottoms into a hem.


Having finished the trousers I have to say I absolutely LOVE them. BUT they are so far removed from what I would usually wear that I don’t know if would wear them to go about my daily business. This has led to some philosophical musings on why I sew and what I wear and why these trousers pose a difficulty for me and why I like them so much.


IMG_8864                             IMG_8862

I think I just need to man up and wear things that I love.

On another note, when my sewing machine broke in October and had to be sent for repair I was told off for not having it serviced regularly and to prove the point the repairers sent the machine back along with a ziplock bag containing all the stuff that they had extracted from my machine which contained various broken needle tips, the glass heads from some pins (I know, don’t judge !) and enough lint to stuff a very small cushion. Feeling abashed I have resolved to love my sewing machines more and to that end I have purchased a tiny vacuum cleaner for clearing out after each sew.

IMG_8867                       IMG_8855

It was not very expensive but was the most highly reviewed mini vacuum on Amazon. It charges up via USB and has a couple of nozzles, one with a brush and one narrow and rigid.

Bearing in mind that the machine was clean before I started this was the state of it after the V8499 project, and I had only used this particular machine for the topstitching.


After a minute of vacuuming we were back to this


and the filter on the vacuum cleaner looked like this


The device comes with a few filters so you can wash out the debris and use them again when dry. This is definitely a more efficient way of keeping the machines free from lint than the little brushes that come with a sewing machine so I hope it will help keep the machines happy and sewing well.





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4 Responses to V8499 and my new gadget

  1. felicia says:

    That mini-vac seems like an amazing tool.


  2. mensew says:

    I know what you mean about making things you wouldn’t have bought, I’ve sewn with fabrics I’ve been given, not always what I think is my style, loved them and worn them anyway… and received compliments!! So go for it! You look great in those trousers, they deserve to be seen! 👍

    On another note, I desperately need one of these vacuums and a SERIOUS service! Thanks for the reminder 😅


  3. JaneyB says:

    Go for it and wear those trousers!! I bought one of those vacuums for cleaning computer keyboards at work. I might just take it home to do my sewing machine. I’m always horrified at the amount of fluff that comes out when I use a little brush in there!


  4. Kim says:

    Wear your new trousers with pride. It’s only by trying out new (and possibly wacky) styles that you grow more comfortable.
    A very salutary tale about your machine. I am pretty thorough about cleaning and oiling but I really like the look of that baby vacuum cleaner 😉


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