Victoria Blazer with silk from the orient.

I’ve the By Hand London Victoria Blazer on my ‘to make’ list for ages. I knew I wanted to make a brown linen version but had found difficulty sourcing the right kind of brown linen until I went to the Knitting and Stitching show at the beginning of March. I finally found what I wanted on the Higgs and Higgs stand. I had some brown striped seersucker that I WAS going to use to line it but then OH and I watched this series of programmes about Craftsmen working on the ‘Silk Road’

The one about the Weaver particularly caught my attention as I had never heard of Atlas silk before. After the programme I googled ‘Atlas Silk’ and several items showed as being for sale on Etsy . I’m not too keen on the modern wavy patterns but was rather taken with an antique stripy one which, it being late at night, I ordered from a seller in Uzbekistan (I’ll buy anything after 11pm. If you want to sell me something the early morning email’s a no-no they just get deleted straight away. Send me one after 10pm and you’ll likely be successful !)

Two weeks later a thrilling looking parcel turned up. When was the last time you received a brown paper parcel with exotic writing tied with string and sealing wax ?

IMG_E9363      IMG_9362

The silk inside was definitely not from a smoke and pet free home. It smelt very strongly of wood or cigar smoke and has lots of tiny pulls in it, the sort one of my cats might make. But the colours were lovely. A gentle wash got rid of the smell and the colours stayed fast. The silk is a medium/heavyweight twill, very narrow at 78cm cm wide but that is to be expected from a hand loomed item. It was enough to line my blazer which is the important thing.

So this week I made my blazer.

IMG_9534        IMG_9530

I did have an issue with the lower part of the lapels as they sort of flapped about. The advice on the pattern is to put a couple of stitches at the tips of the lapels but that made them look worse. I should have done more research before I started as when I looked at lots of versions on Pinterest closely they all have the flappy lapels. I didn’t like them so I have topstitched them down and left the upper lapels which I am happier with.

I LOVE the cuffs (but not quite as much as I love the lining)


and overall I’m happy with the blazer



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4 Responses to Victoria Blazer with silk from the orient.

  1. fabricfan says:

    A jacket with an unique provenience. Great jacket, enjoy.


  2. Kim says:

    Very nice – and made even more special with that gorgeous lining 😃


  3. JaneyB says:

    That was such an exciting looking parcel!! I like the simple shape of this jacket and the lining looks amazing!


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