Tilly and the Buttons Coco top – just

I’m slowly working my way through the stash I purchased at the Knitting and stitching show in March and one thing I needed to use was the Tilly and the Buttons Coco top pattern that I was persuaded to buy along with my Fifi pyjamas pattern.

I didn’t have any fabric in mind when I bought the pattern but watching blogs one evening I saw Cheryl from Stitchy Bee extolling the virtues of of of her new jersey fabrics and it was love at first sight. I checked the pattern and saw that I needed 1.8 metres so I ordered two in the yellow colour way from the Stitchy Bee website.

The next day the fabric arrived in a beautiful pink flowered postal bag and I rather stupidly didn’t open it there and then. When I did open it several days later I was a bit surprised to see a very small piece of fabric. I checked my order and DOH ! I had ordered two half metres (=1 metre). I immediately went back to the website but unfortunately the fabric was now sold out. I then had in mind to make a camisole top but the Coco pattern was still calling to me. I decided to get the pattern out and see what I could fit onto my metre of fabric as the fabric layout on the pattern looks very wasteful.

It NEARLY fitted, so VERY NEARLY but not quite….so I have done a naughty thing. There was enough fabric for all the pieces except the underarm of one sleeve so I have pieced it. I reckon that unless I have my arms up over my head and someone actually has their nose in my armpit no-one will ever know. All pieces are cut properly in the right direction on the grain.

IMG_9667       IMG_9668

This is my finished top. I see I need to adjust the cuff fold but apart from that I’m very pleased with it. It fits beautifully, the fabric is gorgeously soft, my overlocker behaved, and even the twin needle managed to do a whole round of the hem uninterrupted. So, the moral of the story is, it is perfectly possible to make the Coco top out of a single metre of fabric as long as you don’t mind a tiny gusset under one arm. I don’t and I feel rather smug !


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