Relaxing Sewcation week…..Hmmm

It’s been a bit of a stressful time here since the beginning of the year for various reasons so I decided some time ago to take week commencing 23rd April as a sewcation week and just hunker down at home and focus on a few projects from my queue, as sewing is always my best de-stress mechanism.

My first project was McCalls 7392, a straightforward looking useful skirt which I thought I could make in a day.


…and I would have made it in a day had not OH unexpectedly asked me to accompany him on a hospital visit prior to him starting a course of radiotherapy. Well that was fine I didn’t mind giving up an afternoon…

So on Tuesday morning I had nearly finished off the skirt when OH came home from work pouring blood from a tooth extraction he’d had the previous week and which he’d disturbed by an ill advised lunch choice. A few telephone calls later and back to the hospital we went for 5 hours in A+E and surgical repair.

The skirt was finished in the evening with the addition of some nice Prym ‘anorak’ snaps.


On Wednesday OH had more hospital appointments and set off while I prepared my second project for the week, McCalls 7726, which is a trouser pattern I’ve had my eye on for a while. It all started off well until I got a call from OH to say that despite arriving in good time and having waited 40 minutes for a space he had been unable to park at the hospital and had missed his first appointment. Would I be able to meet him at his place of work and drive to the hospital to drop him off for rearranged appointments thus negating the need to park ? Well of course I could, but that was another half day gone picking him up and taking him there, then having to go back and collect him and drop him off  at work again, and as I was now hurrying to catch up with my plans I made a mistake and in overlocking my pocket seam failed to notice I had made a big hole on the front of my trouser leg.


Fortunately I had plenty of fabric and was able to cut another leg and start again but more time lost…


I was really please with the end trousers though. Made of THE most gorgeous wool crepe from Fabworks .

Then OH returned from hospital and said could I please make him a front opening gown for his radiotherapy. Of course I could. So Thursday’s project went out of the window in favour of making a front fastening hospital gown. Which he was suitably happy with. Luckily, in anticipation of having to make him some pyjamas I had some suitable lightweight cotton flannel in my stash.


..and then…No2, who we see very rarely, decided that he would pay a surprise visit to us, lovely ! But Thursday afternoon gone.

Fridays project was the Sew Over It Zoe dress which is possibly the only pattern I have ever made that I’ve bought fabric specifically for. Usually I buy fabric because I love it and then decide what to make afterwards. The fabric in this case being an african wax fabric in some of my favourite colours. This is a great pattern which fit me well straight off and had lovely pockets hidden in the front seams.


On Friday I had no interruptions but felt really frazzled by the whole week. It was not the relaxing escape I had envisaged and by the end of the week I felt quite down, both from not having achieved all my aims and also being worried about OH. But actually in retrospect I made one skirt, one pair of trousers, one robe and one dress which is not bad given the circumstances.

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2 Responses to Relaxing Sewcation week…..Hmmm

  1. JaneyB says:

    You’ve done incredibly well in the circumstances! I hope OH’s treatment goes according to plan and is effective. Take care. x


  2. Kim says:

    Oh dear. At least you had the time off and could assist. And you did make some lovely garments 😃.


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